About The Artist

Walter Liff is an award-winning artist in the field of metal sculptures and custom weather vanes. Whether working with steel, aluminum or copper, each piece is carefully hand crafted, using a variety of techniques to create high quality pieces of art. His creations can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United State and Europe. He is a juried member of several elite art societies, and has had featured articles written about his work in newspapers and magazines. He has also appeared on several television shows. Twelve sculptures are registered with the National Museum of Art, Inventory of American Sculptures; a division of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. A miniature of his Great Blue Heron in the flying position was displayed on the White House Christmas tree in 1993, and is part of a permanent collection there.

In order to capture the essence and detail of each subject, research is done on the subject and detailed drawings are made before any work is started in metal. Depending on the sculpture or weather vane, and the medium being used, the structure (or skeleton ) of each piece is carefully built utilizing individual pieces and welds. Detail is achieved by either grinding or building up welds, or by using a repousse technique. There are no molds used in any work, so each sculpture or weather vane is a unique, original piece of art; not a reproduction. This pains-taking process takes hours of annealing, pounding, welding, grinding and stretching of the metal to form each detailed piece.

An avid naturalist, Walter lives by the water on an island off the New Hampshire coast. It is this setting that provides him with many of his models for his work in metal. He enjoys the rapport he has with his clients and says they are often the inspiration for new pieces of art.

Click here to read a recent article about Walter in the Portsmouth Herald (www.seacoastonline.com).


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