Custom made weather vanes, hand crafted by awarding-winning artist Walter Liff, will add a distinctive finishing touch to your home or business building. Unlike vacuum molded copper vanes, each weather vane crafted by Walter Liff is a unique piece made especially for you. He can create one to match your inspiration, that is unique to your family, or that incorporates your company logo or trademark.

Walter Liff Holding Gold Leafed Atlantic Cod Fish Weather Vane

Because of his extensive knowledge in working with steel, copper, and aluminum, you have these choices of material used to make your custom weather vane. The choices are further broadened by your choice of either a silhouette or a three dimensional figure. And finally, you have the option of many finishes for your weather vane: gold or platinum leaf, painted, copper dyes, or Verdi gris finish on copper.

Since each weather vane is a unique design, employing various combinations of material and finishes, the weathervanes are available in a wide price range. Walter will work closely with you to determine the combination which best suits your needs and budget.

Below, you will see a small sampling of custom made weather vanes. They were made for private residences, municipal buildings and a commercial building. They will show you the flexibility offered by Mr. Liff, and it is hoped that they inspire you to make your idea for a custom weather vane become a reality for you.

Click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged view of each weather vane.


Golden Dragon

Atlantic Cod


Red Tail Hawk

German Shepherds

Shetland Sheep Dog

Jack Russell

Cow, Dog & Cat

Directional Arrow

Corporate Logo

Playtime Scene


'57 Chevy

Osprey Catching Fish

15ft Atlantic Cod

Great Blue Heron

Purple Cow


Salem Witch


Newbury Heron

Bald Eagle



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