Playtime scene weather vane
"Playtime at the Common" Two Dimensional (silhouette weather vane)

Location: Municipal Building at Playground
Dimensions: 44" L x 19" H x 3/8" W
Material: 3/8" Thick aluminum plate
Finish: Black enamel paint

This traditional style silhouette depicts a small girl and boy on a seesaw and a little toddler telling his dog and cat to sit and be good. Situated in a playground area, this endearing scene is appropriate for the location.


Golden Dragon

Atlantic Cod


Red Tail Hawk

German Shepherds

Shetland Sheep Dog

Jack Russell

Cow, Dog & Cat

Directional Arrow

Corporate Logo

Playtime Scene


'57 Chevy

Osprey Catching Fish

15ft Atlantic Cod

Great Blue Heron

Purple Cow


Salem Witch


Newbury Heron

Bald Eagle



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