Many people like to have a piece with some depth on their interior walls. Wall sculptures offer a sense of depth that relatively flat paintings (while wonderful) cannot offer.  
Wall sculptures, combined with paintings, mirrors, etc. on the wall, give the eye a fresh perspective and can enliven a room. On the exterior of a building or garden fence, a wall sculpture will add a different texture to the space.  It often lifts the eye upwards from the garden or landscape; thereby adding another dimension to the area. 

You will notice that all of the wall sculptures here have a three dimensional feeling to them.  This is achieved by grinding, pounding out curves, adding welds to define specific aspects of a piece, and sometimes the addition of several shades of paint (on the fish), or heat blueing (on the dragonflies) to make the piece more realistic.
The photos in this gallery are just a sample of the types of wall art I have been commissioned to make.  I hope they give you  some ideas of  what you might like to have on your wall......Any of these can be made for you, or let your imagination concoct something that would be uniquely yours !



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