Wall Sculptures
The flowing lines of this swan would add a sense of grace to any garden wall. Commissioned by an estuary science center showing the may birds found around the estuary.
Another exterior fish for a trophy winner (it's a keeper). A birthday gift from wife to husband--a replica the truck produced in the year he was born.
Fun insects for an exterior or interior wall.. This was made for a family living on an East coast cove, aptly named "Flounder's Cove".  For them, it represents the father and his two sons---all fishing enthusiasts
A gift from wife to husband as another "Tuna Trophy". A Maine garage is decorated with this Great Blue Heron
Made for the lobby of a bank.  This schooner is their logo. Made for a retired race horse owner with his color silks.
Interior wall sculpture.  A gift from husband to wife of her and her beloved dogs. "Honey, I'm Home!"  is this sculpture's title.