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Slim Mermaid
Chubby Mermaid
Girl (A) with Watering Can
Girl with Garden Cart
Girl with Flower
Girl with Bird
Girl (B) with Watering Can
Girl (C) with Watering Can
Boy with Watering Can
Boy with Bird
Angel in Gown
Chubby Cherub

Bumble Bee
Lady Bird

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Steeling Nature Garden Insects
Our Garden Insects are made of 20 guage stainless steel and are mounted on a 24" stake. They have been torched for accent coloring and have a clear coat finish.

Bumble Bee
9"H x 13"W
Price $60.00

Lady Bird
7"H x 16"W
Price $60.00

Dragon Fly
12"H x 14"W
Price $60.00

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